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MKH Performance - Premium AMSOIL Synthetic Oil in Madison, Wisconsin 

MKH Performance carries all the AMSOIL synthetic oil products you need for your engine. Why synthetic oil? Why AMSOIL? 

Four Reasons to Use Synthetic Oil

As technology progresses, car engines are becoming increasingly more efficient. To keep up with these advancements, maintenance products, such as AMSOIL’s synthetic engine oils, fluids, and lubricants, are constantly developing. A turning point in the history of engine oil was the making of synthetic oils. Ever since, mineral oils have started to be left aside by more and more car owners.Below are four of the most frequent reasons why MKH Performance in Madison, WI suggests moving from a mineral to synthetic oil is a natural progression for engine performance.

1. Year Round Performance

Synthetic oils have a one major characteristic that is not specific to mineral oils: stability at different temperature extremes. Because of this, synthetic oil can be used during both the cold and hot seasons. In the case of mineral oils you have to choose another type of oil according to the season, synthetic oils are not influenced by temperatures in this aspect.

2. Fuel economy

Another benefit of synthetic oils is fuel economy. This is all thanks to the high fluidity of the synthetic oil. Mineral oil is thicker and moves slower compared to synthetic oils. Therefore, engines take less energy which means less fuel requirements.

3. Longer Lasting

Synthetic engine oils keep their features longer than mineral oils. This means the oil change interval for synthetic oil is almost double compared to that for mineral oil. Even though synthetic oil is more expensive than mineral oil, on a long term it’s actually cheaper. This is because fuel economy and wear reduction offset the cost.

4. Extreme Performance

The superior characteristic of synthetic oils is that they help protect the engine at maximum performance, during the harshest conditions. The best proof is the fact that race pilots use synthetic oils to get maximum performances at rally races. If you do your part to stay on top of a maintenance schedule, using synthetic oil will do its job and protect the engine without unwanted adverse effects on other parts. Apart from this, synthetic oils are cleaner compared to conventional mineral oils and contribute to the reduction of exhaust release in the atmosphere. 

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Synthetic oil is only one of the lubricants that your engine needs, make sure to use the correct fluid for each application. 

The Importance of Using the Correct Synthetic Lubricant

With the appearance of similarity and to reduce costs, some vehicle enthusiasts tend to use transmission fluid of gear lubricant in their gearcases and chaincases. MKH Performance, LLC will explore how the incorrect usage of these oils could cause damage to your vehicle.

Using Automatic Transmission Fluid Incorrectly

Automatic transmission fluid is great at doing what it is designed to do, however, as it is not designed to protect chains it does not include the extreme pressure additives for the extensive wear protection your chain requires. By using an automatic transmission fluid incorrectly, the lack of additives can leave your chain susceptible to premature and avoidable failure.

Misusing Automotive Gear Lubricants

When choosing an appropriate lubricant for your chain, it is important it be the correct viscosity for maximum protection. Automotive gear lube is purposefully formulated to protect hypoid gears and so may prove to be too thick to provide the required chain lubrication and can lead to unnecessary wear and a decrease in energy efficiency.

The Correct Synthetic Lubricant for Your Chain and Gears

To adequately protect your engine and its parts,  use a synthetic lubricant that is purposefully formulated for power sports applications. Look for a lubricant that includes extreme pressure additives to provide that extra measure of protection while repelling water and resisting corrosion.

The Best Synthetic Oil in Madison, WI

If you're looking for best synthetic oil for your engine or part, speak with an AMSOIL expert here at MKH Performance, LLC on 608 239 3212. In addition to the great advice we can give, our online store also has some great  product information for you to check out.

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