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Taking good care of your lawn is one of the activities that you will have perform over the summer and your mower will make this chore easier. Just remember that this machine also requires regular care and maintenance. For this reason at MKH Performance in Deerfield we created the following...

Causes of Vehicle Breakdown

At MKH Performance in Madison we want you to have a great summer, especially if you are planing a road trip. For this reason we would like to share helpful ideas to avoid a breakdown during your travel, so you can arrive safely to your destination.

Flat Batteries


Boating Safety

Summer is almost over but you still have time to take that boating trip you have been looking forward to. However, remember that you have to follow certain measures to ensure your safety during the trip. That's why at MKH Performance we prepared the following post...
The contents of this blog post have been moved...
The contents of this blog post have been moved...
Summer has many great things waiting for you and taking a road trip is the perfect way to take advantage of the nice weather, enjoy your vacation and spend time with your loved ones. Just remember that your car must be ready for the warm weather to prevent any setbacks or breakdowns. For this...
Now that summer is upon us, you surely want to enjoy the fresh air and sunny days by taking a ride on your motorcycle. However, as freeing and thrilling as it may be, you need to remember to be safe while you’re on your wheels. For this reason, this post will provide some safety tips you can...
Summer is here and everyone is getting their boat out. Before you do, here are some engine maintenance tips to ensure that your boat keeps you safe on the water. 

Battery Maintenance

Disconnect your battery terminals and use a wire brush to clean them. Tighten the connections and recharge it...
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I have so many customers that buy AMSOIL products from me for their sleds, bike and collector cars. While they spare no expense to protect their toys, their daily drivers are frequently over looked. When I ask why they don’t use AMSOIL in those vehicles, the most common response I get is, “My car...

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