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Summer is here and everyone is getting their boat out. Before you do, here are some engine maintenance tips to ensure that your boat keeps you safe on the water. 

Battery Maintenance

Disconnect your battery terminals and use a wire brush to clean them. Tighten the connections and recharge it if it is weak.


Keep the engine clean and tuned according to the specifications of your boat manufacturer in the owner’s manual. 

Electrical Parts

Only use sealed marine electrical parts. Automotive parts are not water resistant, which could cause a fire. Marine parts are sealed to protect from interaction with water.

Beware of Wear

Check all your engine parts- belts, hoses, and bolts- to ensure that there is no corrosion or wear that could cause leaks, engine failure, or loose equipment. 

Boater Safety Requirements

Wisconsin law requires a Boater Safety Course for anyone under the age of 25, but it is recommended for everyone. You can easily study and take the course online at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website. 

Oil Levels

Check all oil levels and replace frequently in accordance with your owner’s manual. Remember that as your engine gets older, you will need to change oil more frequently. Keeping your oil clean will prolong your engine life. 

If you are planning to visit our beautiful Wisconsin lakes this year, be sure to contact MKH Performance the AMSOIL dealer in Deerfield, WI. They offer all the oil, filters, and more that your boat will need to keep its engine healthy. Shop their products online or call them at (608) 239-3212.

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