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Boating Safety

Summer is almost over but you still have time to take that boating trip you have been looking forward to. However, remember that you have to follow certain measures to ensure your safety during the trip. That's why at MKH Performance we prepared the following post containing useful boat safety ideas.

Check the Weather

First and foremost, you should check the weather to avoid any adverse conditions that can become a potential threat. Don't forget to share your float plans with friends or relatives and include your expected time of arrival.

Safety Equipment

Wearing safety jackets is mandatory, even if you are a skilled swimmer. It's also very important that you avoid consuming alcohol while you are operating your vessel, as it increases the likelihood an of accident. Remember that there are certain minimum required safety equipment for recreational vessels, so be sure to check them before you leave.

Inspect Your Boat

Don't forget to check your vessel to prevent any breakdowns while you are boating. Make sure it has fresh motor oil and gasoline and look out for any visible damages on the boat. These are just a few safety ideas that will make your boat trip safer and help you prevent any setbacks and accidents. Also, your car should be ready for the warm temperatures during this season, so be sure to read our guide to summerize your vehicle.

Synthetic Oil in Deerfield

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