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Maintenance Checklist for Your ATV

There's nothing quite like the freedom of owning an ATV - getting out in the mud or taking it for a ride through some fields and tracks. Along with enjoying the benefits, MKH Performance, LLC has a few maintenance tips to help you keep your ride riding. 

Check the Handles, Levers and Safety Attachments

Don't take for granted that your handles and cables are still in the same place when you  first configured them. Each time you head out, take a few minutes to check your cable and lever levels to make sure there is enough give so that you aren't engaging anything at too easy a touch. If your ride has any additional safety devices, make sure everything is in good shape and there is no visible signs of damage.

Take a Look at Your Filters

With the terrain that your ride is exposed to, your filters need your attention. Be sure to check them each time you ride, and if you notice any wear or debris, clear it out or better yet, replace them.

Keep It Clean

Keeping a clean ride isn't just to keep it looking new, or even looking good, it's to prevent build-up that can easily cause rust and damage to the body and engine of your ride. After each ride, take a few minutes to give your ride a thorough wash down. Take notice for any dirt or grass stuck in between cables or pedals.

How Does the Oil Check Out?

If you're still using a conventional oil then it's best to keep a close eye on its condition. Given the type of riding involved with an ATV, engine temperatures can cause it to break down. If it's looking a little low give it a top up, or use the opportunity to switch to a synthetic oil designed for high temperatures to help keep your engine clean as you ride.

Synthetic Oil in Deerfield

Keeping your ATV in good shape is simple and has great rewards when you feel like getting out in the open. Speak with an expert here at MKH Performance, LLC on (608) 239-3212 about more benefits to switching to Amsoil Oil in Deerfield.

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