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If there's one thing that almost everybody enjoys during summer, it's a road trip. You and your friends all combine your money to pay for fuel for a weekend away camping, or perhaps you gather the family together to drive to another state to spend a week with relatives you haven't seen in a while. Whatever the reason, road trips can be a great experience for everyone. However, for anybody who has even been on one, they know that planning ahead is vital.

Keep Your Car and Your Sanity in Good Shape for a Summer Road Trip

MKH Performance, LLC have years of experience providing our customers with the right AMSOIL products so they can give their cars the best synthetic oil change. However, our advice doesn't stop with just engine mechanics. For this post, we have prepared a pre-road trip checklist to ensure that not only your car makes it safely to your destination, but your sanity does too.

Your Car

Oil Level

Your engine lubricant levels are one of the most vital fluids needed by your engine to operate efficiently. If the level of your motor oil is low, top it up, and keep the rest of the bottle in the trunk for the drive. If your oil looks dirty or oil, consider a synthetic oil change before you leave.

Coolant Level

If you notice that your coolant levels are low, even just a little, top them up before you drive. If the weather is unusually hot in Deerfield when you drive, consider using a cooling additive.


With a fellow passenger, test out and ensure that all of your headlamps, brake lights, and indicator lights are functioning. If you notice your lights are a little dull, replace them and keep the old ones in the trunk for spares if needed along the journey.

Tire Pressure and Quality

The last thing that you want during your trip is a blowout. Inspect the condition of your tires, and if you notice any bald patches or cuts/tears, replace the tire immediately. If it has been more than a year since a professional your last check, Michelin advises that you have a professional inspect your tire quality. When it comes to tire pressure, check your levels against those recommended in your owner's manual. Getting your car ready for a summer road trip isn't difficult, it just takes a bit of time and the right products for the job. If you notice that your oil is looking old or degraded, then it's a good idea to perform a synthetic oil change before your trip. Speak with MKH Performance, LLC at (608) 239-3212 to get the best AMSOIL engine lubricant for the task to prevent breakdown.

You and Your Passengers

A Good Sleep

As a group, plan what time you will be starting your journey, and decide when you will change drivers along the trip. Before the day, be sure that everybody gets a good amount of sleep and feels their best before driving.

Stop and Rejuvenate

While you are planning, find places along the route where you can pull over to stretch your body and relax your mind. Driving long distances is both mentally and physically exhausting, so it's important that you take care of yourself along the way.

Prevent Hangry Passengers

Do you know what happens to passengers who become hungry? They get angry, or "Hangry!" Be sure to take plenty of snacks and drinks for the trip. While it can be tempting to fill a picnic basket full of sugar based foods, opt for a mixture which includes filling sandwiches, chips, and plenty of water.

Music for Everybody

Music tastes can vary, and while you and your friends, or family, may enjoy similar music, everybody will want a turn at being the DJ. A good rule to follow is that the driver controls the music. Each driver should create a playlist on their cell or their music player to listen to along the journey. Passengers should also pack a set of headphones if they prefer their own music, or to drain away the sound as they sleep before their driving shift.

Don't Underestimate the Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change in Deerfield

Along with these tips, speak with your family and friends for their advice. The best way to plan for a successful road trip is to learn from others' mistakes. To help you reduce the chances or your car overheating and along with increasing your fuel economy, give your vehicle a synthetic oil change before you leave. Changing your car's oil by performing a synthetic oil change is a task which you can do at home, you just need the right products. Speak with MKH Performance, LLC at (608) 239-3212 about the make and model of your car to get the right product for the task.

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