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If it feels like you are constantly making extra trips to the gas station to fill up your tank then it may be your driving style is resulting in you using gas unnecessarily. While there’s no doubt that you have errands to run and places to go , how you get there has a great impact on the amount of gas you use.

Easy to Follow Tips to Decrease Your Gas Usage

In this article, Amsoil Dealer - MKH Performance, LLC has some easy to implement tips to share on how you can adjust your driving style to help decrease your gas usage along with increasing the performance and lifespan of your engine.

Plan Your Journeys

Taking the kids to school, getting to the store for your grocery shopping and a number of other errands are just things that need to be done - no doubt about it. But, they don’t all have to be individual trips. Take a couple of minutes at the start of your week and plan out each day's’ errands and destinations. If possible, move items around so that you can drop you kids off at school, then head to a grocery store close by before making your way to pay your bills and returning home. Simple logistical changes can reduce the number of miles you drive and cut down the time it takes to complete your errands.

What's in Your Trunk?

Have you been lugging around your children’s soccer team supplies for the past week simply because you keep forgetting to take them out? Unless you need the items in your trunk, do your best to keep it empty. Unnecessary weight being carried around by your car means more gas is needed to keep it moving. Items such as sporting equipment or musical instruments, whilst small, can all add up to a great impact on your car’s overall weight.

No More Idling

Are you somebody who starts your car each morning while you pack it full of the supplies you will need throughout the day? This is the perfect item for you to cut back on and reduce your gas usage. Idling a modern car in the morning so that it can ‘warm up’ is no longer required and can use precious gas just sitting in your drive.

Change Your Oil

If you’re using a conventional oil then it’s likely breaking down under the pressure and heat of your engine’s operation, leaving your engine’s parts to require more energy to work. Plan a couple of minutes and give your car a synthetic oil change in Stoughton. Available at (608) 239-3212, Amsoil Dealer - MKH Performance, LLC can provide you with a high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil designed for your car which can stand up to the pressures of your engine’s operation. This results in an engine that not only runs smoother but requires less energy to do it.

What's the Rush?

If you are somebody who always puts their gas pedal to the floor as soon as the traffic lights turn green, only to then be stopped at the next set of lights then you are wasting your gas. Cars use considerably more gas to accelerate at full speed compared to a comfortable rate of acceleration.

Choose Your Gears Wisely

Similar to the point above, if you often ‘max out’ your gears before shifting to the next one, just so you can race to the next red light then you are putting unnecessary strain on your engine. This can not only reduce its lifespan and increase engine wear but also uses more gas. Listen to your car and shift gears when it is ready instead of pushing it to its limits.

How Cool Do You Need to Be?

When the hot weather strikes we instinctively reach for our car’s air-conditioning. However, when you do this, a separate belt inside your engine is put into action which requires a significant amount of extra energy to operate. While it works to keep your car cool, it often decreases the performance of your engine and uses much more gas than you would like. If you are running short errands or making small trips, switch to opening the windows instead.

The Right Product for the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Stoughton

Getting your hands on the right product to give your car a synthetic oil change in Stoughton isn’t difficult, you just need to speak with somebody who knows their products well. Pick up the phone and give Amsoil Dealer - MKH Performance, LLC a call at (608) 239-3212 and let us provide you with a high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil.  The designed nature of synthetic oil allows it to protect your engine for longer and under extreme conditions, giving your car the lubrication it needs to not only operate smoothly but operate with less gas usage.

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