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Causes of Vehicle Breakdown

At MKH Performance in Madison we want you to have a great summer, especially if you are planing a road trip. For this reason we would like to share helpful ideas to avoid a breakdown during your travel, so you can arrive safely to your destination.

Flat Batteries

Most batteries have an average lifespan of 3 years and you should be extra careful after this period. Make sure to check the terminals and remove any corrosion and check that the clamps are secured. Don't forget having your jumper cables in your car in case you need them.


While inflating your tires property is very important to improve your fuel economy and vehicle handling, there can be certain debris on the road that can lead to failures. Make sure to have a temporary tire sealant and your spare tire ready to handle this problem.

Engine Overheating

Lastly, you should check your cooling system before you leave. Remember to inspect the hoses and belts and coolant levels. Also, fresh oil will reduce the wear in the moving parts in your engine and improve its performance. Preventing any of these problems is relatively easy and following your maintenance schedule is crucial to have a perfect trip. Also, keep in mind that high temperatures can also affect your car, so be sure to read our guide to get your vehicle ready for summer.

Synthetic Oil in Deerfield

Keep in mind that synthetic oils offer you better protection, cleansing and performance, as opposed to mineral ones. If you are looking for AMSOIL oil in Madison, think about MKH Performance. If you wish to get more information about our products or place an order, please call (608) 239-3212.  

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