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The light changes to green, and before you know it you’ve reached the speed limit with the rest of the cars still gaining momentum behind you. The light changes to green, and you casually take off as you’re driving your family around town to run your errands in the family sedan or wagon. The light changes to green, and your 4x4 makes its move, in no hurry as your adventures aren’t going anywhere soon. Three very different type of vehicle, three different driving styles and likely three very different drivers - however there is one thing that each of these share in common, engine wear and sludge build up.

Prevent Sludge Buildups and Unnecessary Engine Wear With a Full Synthetic Oil Change in Deerfield

It doesn’t matter what vehicle you drive or how you drive it, engine wear and sludge buildup can affect each and every engine and take a very serious toll on the not only the performance of your vehicle, but its lifespan also. For this reason, Amsoil Dealer - MKH Performance, LLC has put together some information to share with you about how you can protect your engine from this type of damage, and increase its lifespan.

What Is Sludge Buildup?

The best way to learn about how you can protect your engine from sludge build up and engine wear is to first understand what it is, and how it causes damage. When the internals of your vehicle's engine operates they are essentially metal parts clashing against each other with the sole purpose of keeping your vehicle moving forward, up the hill, round the corners, and often times, in reverse. Each of these actions creates high levels of pressure inside your engine, along with often extreme temperatures. To protect these parts from causing damage to each other and themselves through chipping away small pieces of each other during operation, they are coated with a very thin film whose purpose is to facilitate smooth interaction between these parts. If this film is outdated or made from a conventional oil, the above mentioned pressure and high temperatures can cause it to break down, leaving deposits throughout your engine - sludge deposits. Protection of these internals along with smooth facilitation of their interaction comes in the form of synthetic oil and a full synthetic oil change in Deerfield. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - MKH Performance, LLC at (608) 239-3212 and ask about the right high quality AMSOIL synthetic oil for your engine, whatever form it may take.

How Does Sludge Build up Affect Your Engine?

Because there isn’t a lot of free space inside your engine, these sludge deposits quickly begin to accumulate through vital interaction points through your engine, As these accumulations grow they begin to get in the way of your engine's internals as they work. Where there was one a smooth surface for a position to press against is now an accumulation of deposits, meaning it isn’t able to perform its full rotation. Or another example, as these deposits flow through your engine they get caught up in your oil filter, clogging it up and leaving it unable to perform its task. The direct result? An oil filter that has no options but to let the impurities that it is designed to catch continue flowing through your engine, causing damage and limiting performance as they travel.


Like in the piston example above, if your engine parts aren’t able to perform as designed their performance is limited, which in turn, limits the performance of your engine as a whole. From slower starts when you put your foot on the gas pedal to giving your torque to help get you out of a sticky spot as you drive, sludge deposits can have the very real potential to affect the overall performance of your engine.

Fuel Economy

Bet you weren’t counting on this one - but unfortunately sludge buildups can have a very real affect on your engine’s fuel economy. As the effects of sludge buildup aren’t always easy to feel until it's too late, it’s often that the gas pedal is pushed harder and harder to achieve the same level of performance that you've always expected. This action requires your engine to work harder to deliver results, meaning more energy and fuel is needed to keep you going.

Getting the Best Full Synthetic Oil Change in Deerfield

Keeping your engine protected form sludge buildup doesn’t mean you need to head into your mechanic for a full service, in fact it just needs a phone call to somebody who knows what they’re talking about. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - MKH Performance, LLC at (608) 239-3212 and let us know the make and model of your vehicle and the level of performance that you’re getting out of it. With expert knowledge and friendly service, Amsoil Dealer - MKH Performance, LLC have the knowledge and extensive product line to make sure you get the right product for your next full synthetic oil change in Deerfield.

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