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Our previous posts provided you with some great information on how you can increase your car's fuel efficiency and perform and basic maintenance tips to keep your motorbike on the road for longer. And while everyday cars and motorcycles are two of the most common types of engines we provide for, our knowledge also extends to watercraft.

Propel Your Boat Further With a Full Synthetic Oil Change in Madison

With experience providing expert advice and high-quality products to boat and jet-ski owners to help them benefit from a full synthetic oil change in Madison, Amsoil Dealer - MKH Performance, LLC has written this post for marine engine owners.

How Does a Marine Engine Differ From Your Average Car or Motorbike?

Of course, there are many aspects which differ a marine based engine from your everyday motor. The most prominent of the differences is the transmission. Or lack thereof. Transmission-wise, the benefit of a car or a bike is the choice. When you need torque, you can easily gear down and get the power you need to get yourself out of a problematic spot. When it's time to cruise along the freeway, higher gears are available to give your engine reprieve. With a boat or a jet-ski engine, however, the choice doesn't exist. You either throttle forward or throttle back. There is no ability to change gears to either gain torque or cruise. While this operation works, proven by a number of boats on the water, it results in an engine that is running at a consistently high RPM. This very operation can lead to extensive engine wear and the need for frequent engine maintenance when compared to a car or a motorbike. To combat these effects, and similar to your car and motorbike, marine engines require lubrication. This comes in two main forms, conventional oil, and high-quality synthetic oil. If you're unsure of the difference, conventional oil is likely the type of oil you grew up knowing. Your parents used it in their car and passed on the knowledge to you. This is an older style of engine lubrication provides a basic level of service to traditional motors. Full synthetic oil is a high-quality engine lubrication which has been designed to replace conventional oil and provide an unparalleled standard of protection against engine wear. Unlike conventional oils, full synthetic oil includes high-quality additives which assist the fluid to cling to each component inside an engine, ensuring a consistent level of protection as the engine operates. In turn, this provides a smoother operating environment, helping to reduce engine wear and increase engine performance. To get the right product to minimize engine wear in your marine engine with a full synthetic oil change in Madison, speak with Amsoil Dealer - MKH Performance, LLC at (608) 239-3212. With access to a large range of products, Amsoil Dealer - MKH Performance, LLC will make sure you get the best suited high-quality synthetic oil for your engine.

The Hotter the Day, the More Susceptible Your Marine Engine Is to Damage

Alongside the constant high RPM operation, outside temperatures can play a significant part in the performance of your marine engine. As the summer temperatures increase, so too do the instances of boating and water-based activities. This results in marine engines operated at high RPM under hotter conditions for longer. If you are using a low-quality conventional oil in your marine engine, then it's likely that these temperatures are taking their toll on its viscosity. Due to the design of conventional oil, when temperatures become too extreme, small particles and impurities separate from the primary fluid and begin to travel through the engine, often accumulating along the lining of engine components. Over time, this build-up prevents the smooth operation of the engine, leading to a noticeable reduction in performance and lifespan of the engine and its parts.

Protect Your Marine Engine From Extreme Temperatures With a Synthetic Oil Change in Madison

To prevent against this type of breakdown and engine damage, the high-quality additives included in full synthetic oil work to ensure the viscosity of synthetic oil holds strong, allowing it to continue to protect and facilitate smooth engine operation under high temperatures, resisting this type of breakdown. To help your marine engine operate at its best during high temperatures, speak with an expert at Amsoil Dealer - MKH Performance, LLC at (608) 239-3212 and get the right AMSOIL synthetic oil for your engine. With a wide range of purpose designed AMSOIL lubricants to choose from, reaping the benefits of a full synthetic oil change are just a phone call away.

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