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Simple Tips to Perform Basic Dirt-Bike Maintenance

While there's no doubt that owning a bike brings certain freedoms that driving a car doesn't, it also has its own requirements for basic upkeep and maintenance. MKH Performance, LLC has put together a few tips to get you on the right track maintaining your dirt bike.

Tire Pressure

Let's start with this one because it tends to change as you ride. Check your manual for the best pressure ranges for the type of riding you do. Remember that if you're changing from a sealed to a dirt road then you will require different pressure. Plan ahead and adjust your pressure accordingly.

Check Your Battery

Generally hidden away under the seat, riders tend to neglect their battery as it is out of sight, and its value isn't noticed until it stops working. Take the time to check the condition of your battery and be sure it hasn't accumulated any rust or weather damage that could cause it to stop working when you need it.

Brake Pads

Getting your bike going it one thing - stopping it is quite another. Before you head out on a ride, check your brake pads. It only takes a couple of minutes and can be the difference between you getting stuck in the middle of a track, and enjoying a day out riding.

Oil and Fluid Levels

Just like cars, bikes require specialized products to keep it performing. Before each ride, check your oil and fluid levels and top up anything that is looking low. Better you tend to these small tasks with Synthetic Oil in Deerfield now than get stuck with a seized engine whilst riding.

Keep It Clean

While it's true that washing and cleaning your bike keeps it looking nice, it also helps to protect the lifespan of your bike. Dirt and water can accumulate and build up on and through your bike easily as you ride. Take the time after each ride to give your bike a thorough wash and clean down before putting it away. This small task can have great benefits in keeping your bike in working order for longer.

Synthetic Oil in Deerfield

With these simple tips you're on your way to keeping a well maintained bike that's ready for adventure when you are. To give your bike an extra boost, speak with MKH Performance, LLC on (608) 239-3212 about the benefits of switching your bike to a high quality Amsoil Oil in Deerfield.

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