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Learn More About the Benefits of Synthetic Oil

If you’ve noticed that more and more of your friends are talking about how they’ve made the switch to synthetic oil and are now seeing the benefits, we aren’t surprised. With the extensive benefits that synthetic oil can provide, it’s no wonder people are taking advantage of this easy way to benefit your engine. If you’ve come to this site looking for ways that you too can benefit from a synthetic oil change in , keep reading for some expanded information with our Top 10 Reasons to use synthetic oil in

Save Money on Oil Changes

If you feel like you’re always spending money on replacing your oil, it sounds like you’re using conventional oil. With the extended lifespan of synthetic oil, motorists can see a significant reduction in their need for oil changes as their oil levels remain high throughout even the most extensive driving conditions.

Boost Fuel Economy

With rising fuel prices it’s no surprise that more and more motorists are looking for ways to improve their fuel efficiency without spending too much money on engine upgrades. With the level of protection provided by synthetic oil, your engine is provided with what it needs to operate smoothly requiring less energy. Requiring less energy can directly translates to less fuel required.

Reduce Repair Costs

Cost is one thing when it comes to your car’s engine repairs, it’s not only financial. The time that you’d n’t have your car also takes it toll on your lifestyle. To minimise needed repairs, synthetic oil includes high quality additives that are designed to protect your engine as it operates, requiring in the internal components requiring less repairs.

Protect Your Engine During High Temperatures

If you are using a conventional oil then it’s likely your engine loses performance when the temperatures start to rise. When running with a high quality AMSOIL synthetic oil, engines are consistently provided with superior lubrication even under extreme heat.

Don't Forget About Cold Temperatures

It isn’t just the heat that can have a negative effect on your engine. As conventional oil cools overnight can tend to thicken and retract from smaller and more intricate parts of your engine. Conversely, when faced with cold temperatures, synthetic oil is able to maintain its consistency and remain throughout even the smallest of openings where components interact. You too can take advantage of these benefits and many more with a full synthetic oil change in Stoughton. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - MKH Performance, LLC on 608 239 3212 and ask about the right product for your individual engine needs.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Engine

With the initial investment of a car motorists alike all want to get the most out of their cars and extend its lifespan. By covering your engines components with a layer of protection as it operates, synthetic oil extends the lifespan of your engine by ensuring its components are protected from unnecessary operational damage.

Less Top Ups

If you don’t have time to keep topping up your car’s oil levels, then it’s time to make the switch from a conventional oil to a high quality synthetic oil. When your engine operates the heat generated can cause conventional oils to evaporate, leading you to feel like you are constantly topping up your oil. With a evaporation resistant formula, synthetic oil is able to maintain its benefits and provide a high quantity of lubrication as you drive.

Better Engine Performance

We’ve spoken about the film of protection that is formed around your engine’s components and how it reduces wear, however it also has another advantage - increasing performance. An engine that is provided with high quality lubrication is able to perform optimally and as designed, without hinderance. The results? Swapping to a high quality AMSOIL synthetic oil can see a significant boost in your car’s performance.

Friendlier to the Environment

We are all looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, and this is also applicable to engine oils. With conventional oils the constant need for replacement can see layers upon layers of oil being disposed each year. By using synthetic oil, the extended lifespan of not only the oil means less changes - which in turn means less oil disposal.

Protect Your Oil Filter

While you may have a high quality oil filter, the more you can do to ensure it too lasts longer the better. With the contruction of synthetic oil, the included additives remain intact and a part of the oils structure. Conversely, conventional oil can breakdown easily and leave deposits to travel throughout your oil lines, eventually landing in and clogging up your oil filter.

The Best Synthetic Oil Change in Stoughton

With these and many more benefits to a full synthetic oil change in Stoughton, we aren't surprised if you're already looking for the closest place to pick up the right synthetic oil for you. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - MKH Performance, LLC on (608) 239-3212 and let our trained professionals answer any questions you have about the benefits of a full synthetic oil change in Stoughton.

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