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I have so many customers that buy AMSOIL products from me for their sleds, bike and collector cars. While they spare no expense to protect their toys, their daily drivers are frequently over looked. When I ask why they don’t use AMSOIL in those vehicles, the most common response I get is, “My car isn’t worth it.” Isn’t worth it? What most people don’t understand is, that if you use AMSOIL product to their full potential, they cost you less than using conventional lubricants. 

Here is a cost comparison.  

This example assumes that you do an oil change at the standard 3k mile oil change interval and drive 15k miles per year. 5qts of O’Reilly Brand 5w30 @ $3.99/qt 1 WIX oil filter at $5.99 

This would give you a total of $25.94 per oil change or an annual total of $129.70. 

Not bad, right? 

Now for AMSOIL  oil change 5qts of AMSOIL Signature Series 5w30 @ $11.10/qt 1 AMSOIL Oil filter @ $16.40 This would give you a total of $71.40 for one oil change that is good for the whole year! 

That is a savings of $58.30 in parts alone! AMSOIL offers wholesale pricing programs as well to save even more! Not to mention trips to the parts store and your time.  

There are also other benefits besides the cost savings on your preventative maintenance.  

Things like: ·         
Maximized Fuel Mileage ·         
Easy Winter Starting ·         
Better for the environment ·         
Better Engine Protection ·         
Plus Many More 

You may be skeptical about changing your oil less often, you are not alone, heck I was too!  I and many of my customers have switched their way of thinking and switched to AMSOIL, with great success! Ok, so I have gotten your attention, but there is something holding you back. Many people have reservations. Maybe you don’t do your own oil changes, or you have concerns about the use of AMSOIL products or extending your drain intervals. Please reach out so I can address your concerns and put your mind at ease! 

Take a moment to check out the link below and learn some of the differences between Conventional and Synthetic lubricants.  .   

Please check back for my blog updates, also your feedback is appreciated! AMSOIL for any engine

Thanks for reading and sharing!   
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