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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Until a manufacturer finds a way to provide air bags and total body safety features for motorbikes, riders will always need to bring their own safety gear. This post includes information on the basic safety gear every that rider should have along with tips to keep your riding safe.


The most obvious safety item is also the most important - a helmet. When choosing a helmet, take your time and get the right fit and features for you. Don't feel that you need the most expensive, stick with what suits your needs, what fits well, and what gives you a good field of vision. For additional safety, choose one with reflective panels for night riding.


Many riders use a regular jacket when riding. And while this is better than no jacket at all, it isn't going to help in an accident. When searching for a jacket, be sure that it is motorcycle specific and includes impact absorbing features. Be sure that it fits close to your body but leaves you room to move.


As comfortable as they are, jeans aren't going to cut it. Similar to your jacket, be sure to get motorcycle specific pants which are designed for riders. These type of pants include additional safety features and guards which can prevent injury when riding.


Motorcycle gloves protect the first thing that often comes in contact with the ground in an accident, hands. Thick and protective riding gloves with a retention strap are essential for any motorcycle owner and can make a big difference if you come off your bike.


A good way to test a motorcycle boot is to do your best to twist and bend it. If it bends and twists easily, this is what is going to happen to your foot in an accident. Look for something with protection for your shins, feet, and ankles and that isn't so tight that it could numb your feet. If you are looking for the best fluids for your motorcycle, speak with MKH Performance, LLC at (608) 239-3212 to learn about the range of high-quality AMSOIL motorcycle fluids and motor oil products.

Riding Tips

Having the right motorcycle gear is the first step to staying safe on the road. The next step is you and your riding style. Here are some tips on how you can adjust your riding style to stay safe.

Learn About Your Bike

Take some time to read information about your model of motorcycle and learn about its safety features and how it works. Understanding how it may act when braking suddenly can help determine the best way for you to avoid an obstacle. If you are new to both your bike and riding a motorcycle, ask your motorcycle dealer if they offer rider training courses, or speak with your local motorcycle groups.

Be Aware. Always

It is a fair argument - that motorists need to be aware of motorcycle riders. However, it isn't always what happens. Without the protection of a car's body, motorcycle riders need to be constantly scanning for new dangers and anticipating motorist behaviors.

Brief Safety Check

Each time that you start your bike, perform a small but thorough safety check to be sure everything is working. The following items are good places to start:
  • Tire condition (and pressure)
  • Chain condition and tension
  • Brakes are operational
  • Clutch is working smoothly
  • Mirrors are positioned for maximum view
  • Headlamp and indicators are working
  • Working horn/alert sound
  • Suspension

Dress for Attention

You have likely noticed that most of the motorcycle gear available is in black. While this may look good, it doesn't assist with rider safety at night. When riding at night, always wear a reflective vest or hi-visibility covering. It is also a good idea to reduce your speed slightly when driving at night as your reaction time in the event of an obstacle is affected by the reduced visibility.

Keep Your Bike in Good Working Order With a Synthetic Oil Change

Of course, a bike that is not well maintained is not safe to ride. Tend to your motorcycle regularly and fix any issues as they arrive. Of course, just like your car, keep your eye on your fluid levels and make any top-ups or fluid and oil changes as required. To get the right engine oil for your motorcycle, speak with MKH Performance, LLC at (608) 239-3212 and ask about which fluid is best suited for your ride and how a synthetic oil change can increase the performance of your ride.

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